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Theme cruises in Corsica:

They combine cruising with an event taking place in Corsica.
Depending the type of event, we can plan stopovers from one to several days.

Sartène - Good Friday - April


« U CATENACCIU », the most famous Good Friday procession.
A chained penitent, wearing a hood and bearing a cross leads the procession along a sloping route across the town, re-enacting Christ's weary journey. Only the parish priest knows who the penitent is.


Ajaccio - Tour de Corse Automobile Rallye de France - May

This is the French round of the rallies world championship.

The island roads run the greatest experts and the most prestigious brands for a three days competition. The start, the stages and the arrival are located in the imperial City.

Ajaccio - Les Régates Impériales (Imperial regatta) - May

The Imperial regatta will gather units from various classes: genuine antique, classical and traditional spirit yachts.
An unforgettable event for all the fanatics.
A sports, conviviality and stylish atmosphere, a key moment for Mediterranean sailing

Calvi - Jazz Festival – June

This 8 days event will gather more than a hundred of the most prestigious musicians and singers.
They’ll make concerts inside the walls of Calvi, creating a very special liveliness around the theme of Jazz.
Each year, numerous celebrities are invited.

Patrimonio - Night of the guitar - July

Set up in the marvellous Théâtre de Verdure (an open-air theatre), this festival has the specificity to feature an eclectic set of guitar players. Great classical music, jazz, blues or Flamenco players appear in public during this artistic event

Calvi - Rencontres Polyphoniques - September

A 5 days long event gathering polyphonic groups coming from all around the globe.
The various shows will take place in the choir of the Saint Jean-Baptiste cathedral of the citadel of Calvi.

Ajaccio - Rencontres Européennes de Plongée Sous-Marine - septembre (skin diving European meeting) - September

This is the submarine world pictures festival. Great international directors present their last movie and some exhibitions around various aspects of the submarine world (biology, archaeology, exploitation, aquaculture, preservation, submarine habitat, etc.).
A diving programme is proposed during the festival.
Each year, the event is organized around a specific theme.

Calvi – Wind festival (Festiventu) - October

Calvi celebrates the wind under all its forms and colours.
This event, based upon an original concept gathers arts, culture, sports, sciences and new technologies, among which wind and solar energies.